My Cousin’s Wedding

Just got back from weekend trip to Semarang city located at Central Java , Indonesia. It was my cousin’s wedding day and indeed was a busy day for our big fat family. Weddings in Indonesia is such a big fuzz ! People do spend their money on their weddings. Just a sneak peak at the wedding decor in Indonesia. This was taken during my cousin’s wedding. Happy Wedding Andre & Melfi 🙂

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Peony Tulips

Met my old friends yesterday for dinner, they were craving for something local kinda hard to choose local food around Orchard, so I decided to bring them to ION Food Opera, where all local foods are. They enjoyed the meals, we ordered Hokkien Mee, Nasi Padang, Mee Pok and Lemon Barley for drinks. Rhema and her husband has been living in Vancouver for more than 8 years , so yeah we haven’t met for almost 10 years and guess ! we are reunited yesterday. She was telling me stories about Vancouver and her garden. She grows beautiful tulips in her backyard and it is just a matter of putting the seed into the soil ! I was like WOW ! Vancouver rocks ! oh well, obviously we can’t do that in Singapore, the place is so hot and humid, Tulips certainly cannot grow in tropical countries except in green house. I remembered one day in class, when my tutor took out a seriously BIG BLOOM tulips from the fridge and I was in awe looking at them. Yes, Peony Tulips Bicolor Salmon Pink or known as Double early tulips. The petals are so much different than the single early tulips and we think that it is the combination between peony and tulips as the layered petals remind me of peonies . They are very gorgeous for bridal bouquet or for mother’s day arrangement, salmon-y color and really big bloom. I do really wish they can grow here in Singapore. Ah.. I am just day dreaming..

One of the wedding bouquet I love using Peony Tulips.

Simply beautiful 🙂

Fresh Bridal Bouquet

Hellow ! This was my first attempt doing wedding bouquet 🙂 I love the color combination between the greenish hydrangeas, pale yellow rose, purple eustomas, and fresh green cymbidium. This gorgeous color combination is suitable for happy go lucky bride to complete her most precious wedding day. I used to think that purple is such a no-no color, but anyway it turns out beautifully with green and yellow as the highlight flower of the bouquet. Pardon me about the ribbon, this is still my first attempt doing it, I gotta study more regarding tying the perfect bow for the bouquet.

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