My Cousin’s Wedding

Just got back from weekend trip to Semarang city located at Central Java , Indonesia. It was my cousin’s wedding day and indeed was a busy day for our big fat family. Weddings in Indonesia is such a big fuzz ! People do spend their money on their weddings. Just a sneak peak at the wedding decor in Indonesia. This was taken during my cousin’s wedding. Happy Wedding Andre & Melfi πŸ™‚

There are lots of flowers involve here, a lot of workers to do the decoration, a lot of money and a lot of profits too as you can recycle decoration back for another wedding party.Β  Very good business in Indonesia.

Can you imagine how many hours they take to do this installation. Gosh !

Look at this wedding platform , made from clear acrylic with wooden support structure and flowers below, felt like I was walking on top of a river full of flowers!

I have no idea what’s the name of this plant, not sure whether it is included in flowers ? or leaves? or what?But they are cute..


A very gorgeous color combination indeed, purple, red, white and green. I love all the decor, it is just this last decor photo was not made up of fresh flowers, they were all artificial flowers. It will be too expensive I guess to use fresh flowers !


2 thoughts on “My Cousin’s Wedding

  1. Wow. That is CRAZY! I can’t even imagine the budget! Your green pods are called asclepias. (I always just call them hairy balls though.) Hope you had fun!

    • The overall decor from the entrance till the stage including the bouquet and table arrangements cost around USD 13,000.. *sigh. this is a very common sight of weddings in Indonesia.. I will post more

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