My Cousin’s Wedding

Just got back from weekend trip to Semarang city located at Central Java , Indonesia. It was my cousin’s wedding day and indeed was a busy day for our big fat family. Weddings in Indonesia is such a big fuzz ! People do spend their money on their weddings. Just a sneak peak at the wedding decor in Indonesia. This was taken during my cousin’s wedding. Happy Wedding Andre & Melfi 🙂

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Singapore Garden Festival

Yeap ! It is back.. 🙂 It will be held at Suntec Singapore

I am excited, supposed to help my school to do the installation but unfortunately I have to go to Sydney from 30th June – 8th July. Right just in time for the exhibition 😀

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Crowned With Love

Teach me, Father, how to go
Softly as the grasses grow;
Hush my soul to meet the shock
Of the wild world as a rock;
But my spirit, propt with power,
Make as simple as a flower.
Let the dry heart fill its cup,
Like a poppy looking up;
Let life lightly wear her crown,
Like a poppy looking down,
When its heart is filled with dew,
And its life begins anew.

Edwin Markham
A Prayer

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